Find out when Asa lost her virginity (video)

Born Bukola Elemide (35) better known by her stage name as “Asa”, was born in Paris, France to her Nigeria parents, but the family relocated back to Nigeria when she was two. She’s a Nigerian songstress, unique, sonorous, brilliant, and talented singer.

Asa’s stage name means “Hawk” in Yoruba her native language. Hawk is the name of a bird. 

Her name is inspired by her childhood days when she would drift away from home with no destination in particular. Despite recording different songs with Yoruba language, she cannot speak the language fluently.

Her music prowess is inspired by greatest artists like Eryka Badu, Lauryn Hill, Angelique Kidjo and Femi Kuti. That is why her songs are laced by African beats and folklore songs.

Asa shocked many by revealing  in a recent interview that she lost her virginity at the age of 28 years old and she is not proud of that. 
Watch Video Below:


My Tweets Won Me the White House, Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump defended his regular use of social media, especially Twitter, saying that his tweets won him the White House.
In an interview airing on Sunday on “Fox Business Network,” Trump said that with his use of Twitter, he could bypass “unfair media coverage” and speak directly.
“Tweeting is like a typewriter — when I put it out, you put it immediately on your show,” he said, according to a transcript released by the network. “I doubt I would be here if weren’t for social media, to be honest with you.”
He called his social media accounts on Facebook Inc (FB.O), Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) and Instagram “a tremendous platform.”


“When somebody, says something about me, I am able to go bing, bing, bing and I take care of it.
The other way, I would never have got the word out,” he said.
Several times, Trump has been urged to cut back on his social media use. He acknowledged that even friends have approached him to slow down on his use of the social media platform
Trump is known to use social media especially twitter to attack political opponents and even media platforms he considers as biased.
He often sends out missive tweets in the early morning or late evening hours.
At times, Trump’s tweets have contained factual inaccuracies and personal attacks.
In March, for example, Trump asserted without evidence President Barack Obama had ordered Trump Tower in New York wiretapped – something Obama denied.
In September, the FBI and the Justice Department said in a court filing ”they have no records related to wiretaps as described” by tweets from Trump.
He recently excoriated NFL players for taking a knee during the National Anthem.
He also criticized Senator Bob Corker in a series of tweets prompting Corker to respond: “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care centre.l

Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.
It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.
— Senator Bob Corker (@SenBobCorker) October 8, 2017
White House chief of staff John Kelly said last week some have criticized him for failing to control Trump’s tweeting. “I was not brought to this job to control anything but the flow of information to our president,” Kelly said.
In July, Trump was sued in federal court by seven individuals whom he has blocked on Twitter. The Justice Department said the suit should be dismissed, arguing it “rests on the unsupported and erroneous premise that the president’s Twitter account is a public forum for First Amendment purposes.”
Trump joined twitter in 2009 and had since then tweeted 36,200 times. He follows only 45 twitter handles mostly family members and his businesses but he is followed by 40.9 million handles.

Sure this man is making money for Twitter!

Adesua Shares Her Spending Habits

Adesua Etomi

Show business is more about living fake lives, extravagance, pomp and pageantry. It is a make believe world. It is cosmetics. But Adesua Etomi does not believe in it.

She shares how she lives her life in this make believe world.

Banky W’s actress Fiancee, Adesua Etomi shares usable advice on “Spendings”. 

According to Adesua, she Donsen’t Buy Things To Impress Anyone
Here’s what she posted on her Twitter page;
My spending rules…

‘Save before you spend’

‘Don’t spend money on more ‘wants’ than ‘needs’

‘Don’t spend money that hasn’t hit your account yet’

‘Don’t buy things on credit’

‘Don’t buy things to impress anyone, it’s foolish’

Do you share her thoughts?

9 habits that may help you become a billionaire

Mark Zuckerberg

By Barnard Marr

You might think billionaires have superpowers or an exclusive secret that helped them achieve billionaire status, but they don’t. When you do a bit of digging into their habits what you find is that many billionaires do several of the same things.
Guess what? These habits won’t require dramatic life changes or extreme intellect, just the power of your commitment to see them through.
No, there is not a direct correlation or a guaranteed path to billionaire status if you adopt these habits. But you are much more likely to be more productive and more successful in the future if you commit to some of these habits today.

1. Learn
Many billionaires never stop learning and certainly don’t require a formal setting to build their skills. They are students of trends, current events and personal development. They seek to understand the problems they see around them and are constantly curious — how does that work, how can we be more efficient, what’s that and how can we make it better?

When you commit to learning something new in your industry every day, your action emulates what successful people do.
2. They are Readers

Many billionaires from Oprah Winfrey to Warren Buffet to Bill Gates are voracious readers. Winfrey leads a book club, Buffett spends up to 80% of his day reading and Gates reads about 50 books a year. This helps them with the learning habit as well, to constantly hone their skills, keep current with industry developments and learn from others.

3. They say “no” but don’t accept no as an answer
In order to focus on their most important priorities, billionaires say no to those things that don’t help them achieve their objectives. However, they won’t easily accept no for an answer from colleagues, vendors or employees if they believe that something can be done to accelerate success.

4. Grit

Most billionaires have failed. We’re not just talking about a small bump in the road, these are failures that would cause many to throw in the towel. Not an aspiring billionaire. They view obstacles as detours to achieving their goals, but they never quit. They take the learning lessons from the failure and keep on trucking.

These billionaires still drive these cheap cars
5. Early risers and starters
Many billionaires make the most of every day and that usually means waking up earlier than most; Jack Dorsey wakes up at 5 a.m. to work out and meditate and Richard Branson wakes up at 5:45 a.m. to exercise.
Many also started earlier in life than most of us with investing and capitalizing on compound interest, dabbling in entrepreneurship and being driven to achieve their dreams. Even if you’re older than Mark Zuckerberg, you can still achieve success. It just requires action today.
6.  Exercise
There’s a common acceptance of the importance of exercise by billionaires to help your mind and body be at the top of their games. Richard Branson claims that regular physical activity can add four extra hours of productivity to each day. Mark Cuban devotes an hour a day to cardio.
Billionaires are not only fierce in the boardroom, they also push themselves physically. And science will back it up: exercise not only improves health and reduce stress, but it can help focus, enhance creativity and make you better at multitasking.
7. Independent risk-takers
Instead of going with the flow and follow the corporate ladder, billionaires aren’t afraid to go against what everyone else is doing to chart their own course, even when there are vocal naysayers. They are disrupters who look to at things in new ways to deliver products or services that others aren’t willing to step out of line and assume the risk to try.
8. Modest Dressers

Highly successful people have adopted rituals whether it’s a daily gratitude practice or meditation. They have routines to keep the minutiae of the day-to-day from cluttering their minds; there’s a reason Steve Jobs’ daily uniform was jeans and a black mock turtleneck and Mark Zuckerberg wears a grey T-shirt every day. They never have to spend valuable time or energy on shopping or thinking about what to wear.
9. Surround yourself with high achievers
Billionaires believe what Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” They hang out with other power players and they learn from one another.
If you want to boost your success today then it’s time to start acting like a billionaire. Pick one or more of these habits and get started on the path to success right now.
Barnard Marr is a best-selling author of a best selling book titled “Big Data in Practice,” a keynote speaker and leading business and data expert.

Read this 21 Year Old Girl’s Story, A Victim Of Child Marriage

This is the true story of a young promising girl who is a victim of cruel and religious beliefs.

Her education was truncated and married off to a 42 year old illiterate man. She wasted some years but she vehemently refused this devilish practice, common in the northern part of Nigeria. Many are trapped in this strange religious practice but she’s lucky to stay alive and tells her story. Read this touching story and help share to stop child marriages.

Culled from Inside Arewa …………………

MY NAME IS FATIMA MUSTAPHA. I AM 21 YEARS OLD. I AM FROM MAKARFI IN KADUNA STATE. I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE MY DIVORCE DIARIES WITH YOU.I was married off at age 11. In my village, most of us were married by age 12 to preserve our purity. I am still not sure what that means. I never thought it would happen to me because my parents allowed me to attend school instead of hawking and I loved school alot. In my school nobody made me do extra work because I was a girl. I loved school because I loved coming first and being ahead of the boys in my class. I was in JS2 when my mother started talking about getting me married. I honestly thought she was joking until my uncle brought his friend to our house as my suitor.
My suitor, Malam Faruk was a shoe seller and cobbler in Zaria. He was 42 years old and my parents felt he would make a good husband. I did not understand what they were all talking about. I really did not understand what I would do with a husband. So that’s how malam Faruk started coming to our house with my uncle with wraps of suya and juice from the city. I liked the suya but I didn’t want him to be my husband. He said he had 2 wives and he wanted to make me his third. He said his last daughter was in JS2 like me. He told me that when we got married I would stop going school and bear him beautiful babies. I thought he was mad. I wanted to stay in school and become a nurse. I loved nurses in their immaculate white uniforms and how they had the solution to all problems at the health centre in my village.

I told my parents I didn’t want to get married. I wanted to write my exams and beat the boys in my exams and I wanted to play with my friends.

My mother said those things were for girls not women. She said being married would make me a woman. Well me I didn’t want to be a woman. I liked being a girl.  My father said I had had enough education and there is no need for me to continue my education. Despite my protests, a date was set for the wedding. I will never forget that day. I cried and cried. My friend Halima told me that what husbands did to wives was very painful. She said her sister bled to death after she was taken to her husband’s room. I was scared. I believed I was going to meet my death in Malam Faruk’s room.

On my wedding day, I was in tears while my mother was full of smiles. I really could not understand what was happening. I consoled myself that I would just go through the ceremony and on Monday I would go to school.

That Monday never came. My first night was a terrible experience for me. After our uwargida bathed me and poured perfume on my body, she escorted me to Malam Faruk’s room. He came into the room. I was shaking like a leaf. I was scared but I knew I had to fight for my life or I would die in his room. He ordered me to take off my clothes and I refused. He said he wanted to see my breasts. I told him I didn’t have breasts. I was 11, which nonsense breast did this man think I had? My uncle must have lied to him. But he didn’t like my reply and came towards me to undress me. I fought him off as hard as I could because Ni ba yar iska ba Ce and he wanted to do iskanci with me. I fought with all my might. I can still remember the smell in that room. The way he nearly broke my arms. The way he fought me like an equal till my strength was finished. The way he tore my dress and raped me. The piercing pain. The way I was so weak I couldn’t even move. I just lay there and cursed my parents for letting this man do this to me. I waited for death to come.

It didn’t come. In the morning my husband sent his wives to take and clean me up. As they cleaned me in the dirty bathroom asked them if this was how they were married too and none of them answered me. They all had sad expressions on their faces. They looked like they pitied me but were afraid to talk to me.

All they said to me was that I was now a woman. I should stop asking too many questions like a little girl. I should behave like a woman and not fight my husband in his room. Our eldest wife, Maimuna said:

“Any woman that refuses to allow her husband enjoy her will end up in hellfire. Any woman that fights her husband because he wants to enjoy her will end up in hellfire. Any woman who talks back to her husband will end up in hellfire. Any woman that asks her husband too many questions will end up in hellfire. Fatima you are now a woman. Don’t behave as if you are a little girl again, you hear! I don’t want you to end up in hellfire”

I quickly learnt that anything we did to displease our husband was going to lead us to hellfire. Our husband was of the Izala Sect and he took his beliefs to very extreme levels.

We were not allowed to go out. We had to wear niqab if we were outside our rooms or in the courtyard. We were not allowed to talk to each other a lot. Especially in his absence.  If he was beating you, you couldn’t fight back, because fighting back will land you in hellfire. You could only apologise for your offence and say thank you. We were not allowed any male visitors even if they were our fathers or brothers. When leaving for the market, Malam Faruk would lock all our individual rooms because he said Allah ordered all believing women to stay in their rooms. We had food but we couldn’t go to hospitals because he said it was a place of sin and hell dwellers. Whenever any of us was ill, it was Fatiha kafa bakwai spit into a cup of water and mentholatum. No hospital.

I got pregnant and I honestly did not understand what was happening to my body. I was changing always and it seemed my body was stretching itself. My small belly was struggling to stretch itself to accommodate the growth inside me and my skinny legs couldn’t support me. I was always sick and mostly confused during my first pregnancy. I kept praying for death. I prayed to die with my pregnancy or while giving birth so that I would get to heaven and not hell.

And really while I was in labour I kept saying Alhamdulillah because I was sure God had answered my prayer. The pain was so much I thought I was going to die. I was in labour, locked in my room with my co wives speaking to me through the walls until Malam Faruk came home. My co wives helped me and I delivered a baby boy. I was very disappointed that I had not died. Now what will I do with this baby?

I wasn’t allowed to go home for the customary wankan jego but my mother came to take care of me. She told me there was something wrong with my baby. He was always sick with a fever and he cried incessantly. I really did not care. I didn’t feel any attachment to the baby, despite his being named after my father. I just wanted to die.

I told my mother of all my ordeals hoping she would take me away, but she refused.

“No daughter of mine will be a bazawara (divorcee). God Forbid! You must stay in your home and learn to be patient with your husband and adapt to his ways. You will not disgrace me by leaving your husband! You better forget about school and face your marriage, especially now that you are a mother”

I decided to accept my fate. My cowives seemed to have abandoned anything outside their husband so I joined them. Our children were not allowed to stay with us beyond 2 years. After weaning he took them to his mother where they attend Islamiyya a soron gidansu. They did not go to school or learn a trade. They just learnt Islamic education. Maimuna told me that 4 of her daughters were married with children. She told me she was 30 years old. She told me that her cousin in Kano had a scholarship program tried to get Malam Faruk to enrol her daughters into school but he refused and gave her a brutal beating. She said she gave up after that.

My other co wife, Kamila was 18 years at the time and she had never had a child that stayed alive more than 8 months. Malam Faruk said she was possessed by jinns and they killed her babies. He gave her regular beatings to banish the demonic jinns within her. She was always confused and spoke to herself a lot.

When my son was weaned, malam Faruk asked me to resume matrimonial duties but I refused. I figured if I refused him long enough, he would be frustrated and take me back home. And that’s what I did for 6 years. I endured all the beatings and rape. I stayed adamant despite his beatings. I refused to return to his room. One night he beat me and beat me but I refused to let him win. I think he saw the defiance in my eyes and decided that he was tired of raping me for 6 years.

He called Maimuna and asked her to pack my things. He said he would take me back to makarfi first thing in the morning. He said he couldn’t continue staying with a stubborn devil like me as his wife. He told me that some time at home would be good for me to learn how to behave like a good wife. I said thank you and limped back to my room.

I couldn’t wait for morning. I couldn’t wait for my freedom to come.

When we got to makarfi was shocked when my parents pleaded with him to take me back.  They refused to collect my divorce letter. Despite my swollen face and bleeding wounds, my parents were more concerned about being disgraced. I was so angry. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Even my own father that had not seen me for almost 7 years was pleading and begging malam!! I was disgusted. Thankfully he left his letter and went back to Zaria.

My parents treated me like a leper. My old friends refused to associate with me. And relatives shunned me. I was a disgrace. I was a divorced woman, damaged goods. In the eyes of society I was no good. They said I was not a good woman for refusing to stay in my matrimonial home.

One day, my aunt came from Abuja and met me. She had not seen me since my marriage; she was shocked at my situation. She decided to take me to Abuja with her. My parents didn’t object but they made snide remarks like Abuja was a place fit for prostitutes and women who refused to stay married. This thing pains me to this day. That’s how I came to Abuja and now I am in school. I am now in SS2. On weekends I also go to fashion school. I don’t know where my son is. I was told that he was sent to a tsangaya school in zamfara state. Every time I see an almajiri I wonder if he is my son.

I thank God for my aunt every day. She has given my life a new meaning. I still want to be a nurse by God’s grace but I don’t think I will ever get married again. We really need to tell ourselves the truth in Arewa, especially about our women. Marriage is not everything. We must go to school. We must contribute something to the world. As a person that was married as a child, I know firsthand that child marriage doesn’t help anybody. We are all poor and uneducated with our children roaming the streets as beggars. Who is the person that gains from all our suffering? Shouldn’t our existence mean something? All I am saying is marriage is good but it is not everything. It’s for adults not children. I don’t think I will ever recover though my aunt makes me talk about all the things that happened to me because she insists it will make me better.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you educated city people will intervene to stop your relatives from behaving like my parents in the village. God bless you.

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See Peter of Psquare’s new video ‘ Cool it Down’

It is no longer news that the multi talented twins of Psquare are no longer together. Peter and Paul are twins that have consistently churn out hits after hits. 

The Okoye twins are fond of fighting dirty. They have gone separate ways before and they came together. But the recent one seems to put the final nail to the union

Peter has a single titled “Cool it Down” and this is the video 

Watch the video

Konji wahala as Man battered Married lover over N20,000 after Sex Romp

The police at Ire Akari Division in Isolo have arrested a man identified as Olu who allegedly battered a married lover referred to as Madam(real name withheld) for refusing to pay him N20,000 for rounds of sex he had with her.
The incident happened at Ire Akari Estate in Isolo, Lagos where both the woman and her lover reside.
P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the embattled Olu engaged the madam in a romp for an agreed fee to satisfy her sexual desire because her husband had travelled abroad for greener pastures.
It was reported that the woman’s husband travelled to United Kingdom and abandoned the wife and children in Nigeria for several years.
However, it was discovered that the man did not utterly abandon the family as he was said to be sending money to his wife for the upkeep of the family. But the wife was said to be facing emotional challenge because she had nobody to satisfy her sexually owing to her husband’s absence.
It was emotional satisfaction that led the woman to engage the services of Olu who had been sleeping with her for a fee to close the gab the husband left behind.
But trouble started when Olu was said to have engaged the woman in a romp and reportedly satisfied her wanted to collect the money she promised him.
When Olu demanded for the money they had agreed on, she said she will pay him the following day which did not go down with Olu.
P.M.EXPRESS gathered that it was during the exchange of words that Olu attacked and injured her on the face.
The matter was reported to the Police at Ire Akari Division and Olu was arrested and detained at the station.
During interrogation, Olu told the police what transpired between them. He said he was angry because he had exhausted himself in order to satisfy her both at home and in her office but yet she refused to pay him as they had agreed.
The woman also reportedly admitted that she was sleeping with Olu and was paying him for his services but was surprised when he attacked her and injured her seriously.
P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the DPO insisted that despite the fact that they were lovers, Olu had committed a criminal offence and was culpable.
When our correspondent visited the police station, the DPO was not around for comments on the matter.
However, it was gathered that Olu may be charged to court for assault if the parties refused to settle at the station.

You Are Creating Business Centers and not Churches, Femi Falana Tells Pastor Adeboye (video)

Nigerian fiery human right lawyer, Femi Falana has picked holes on how Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, is opening churches at every corner. He spoke on wide range of issues in this video but he said the man of God is creating business centers and not churches

watch the video below

Be the judge!

10 Types of Ladies in A Relationship but messes Around

Nigerian comic writer, Prof Tosyne2much has drawn the attention of guys to the types of ladies that are in relationships yet sleep around.
The foundation of every loving relationship is based on a genuine respect, faithfulness and

steadfast trust in your partner, but recently, there have been so much complaints from guys that they always get themselves entangled with ladies that have a life full of promiscuity and debauchery, to put it frankly, promiscuous ladies.
I know these are the types of ladies who typically aren’t the type of ladies any right thinking man will want to spend the rest of his life with.
All in all, though it can be difficult to catch such ladies redhanded but hopefully, this article sheds some light on these types of girls.
1. Money-mongers
They don’t want to be a part of any struggle as they prioritize materials and comfort more than anything. They spend a lot of money to dress down casually with the high-end designer labels, creams, makeups, butt and bosom pads. No matter how financially supportive their boyfriends can be to them, they are always ready to dump them and go in pursuit of anything on trouser just to satisfy their insatiable desire. They are never faithful to their partners due to their materialistic nature coupled with the fact that they worship at the altar of money

2. The Motor Obsessed
They enjoy roaming around town in the big fancy vehicle and gathering all attention because, to them, that is enjoyment and fulfillment. They often say they can’t stoop so low to date a guy who doesn’t own a car and thus live by this standard. It doesn’t really matter whether the car is Peugeot 504, Parsat, Volkswagen Beetle or Volvo, as long as it has four tires and can transport them to the places they want, they are cool with it. When you find yourself entangled with a lady that is obsessed with cars, consider yourself single because you risk a chance of losing her to a car owner especially if you don’t have one.
3. The Joystick Obsessed
This may sound weird but believe me, not all girlfriends sleep around for money or material things. Some actually do that because of their insatiable sexual desires. For a girl that so much loves the pleasures of joysticks, this can be a very difficult transition because she will definitely seek out partners to fill her needs in your absence. Some of them can even sleep riff raffs and claim it was rape.
4. The Owambes
These are party freaks. They always want to be the centre of attention everywhere they go and will always do anything to have it. They attend wedding ceremonies looking 100% artificially dressed. They take more photographs than the bride and won’t let photographers rest. As they are taking these pictures, they are going straight to their social media page with immediate effect where they tag all their village people. When you’re dating an owambe lady, you’re only labouring for another man to eat.
5. Feminists
Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” A good thing, right? In theory, yes. But these days, I feel that feminism’s underlying message has been forgotten and replaced with some seriously troubling ideas such as “promiscuity and hypocrisy”. Recently, girls are taught by feminism that sleeping around is somehow “empowering,” and that’s why they always take side with promiscuous women. The characters they posses are arrogance, pride and they always want to the boss in the relationship. When a lady is claiming to be a feminist but simultaneously and actively participate in infidelity, it’s a big sign of “hypocrisy”.
6. “I don’t put all my eggs in one basket” Crew
It’s very shameful that some often say they owe no man loyalty and faithfulness in as much as he has not paid their bride price. Even though they admit to be in relationships, they still keep multiple sex partners under the guise of “I can’t put all my eggs in one basket”; what if the guy fuccks up? Will I start chasing men?. Any lady with the mindset that she owes no man loyalty and faithfulness because she’s not yet married to usually sleep with other guys as a form of proving to herself that she is still desirable, and thus validating herself.
7. Gluttons/Food Freaks
They like food more than every other thing and can eat fifteen wraps of fufu and will still be demanding for more. They find it very difficult to refuse going on a date with an interested suitor or open up to him they are in a relationship knowing fully well that they stand a very good chance of stomach infrastructure especially in exotic places like Mr. Biggs, KFC, Sweet Sensation, etc. Such girlfriends can easily be lured to bed with a plate of food.
8. Unnecessarily Secretive Ladies
If your girlfriend typically has a

million complaints about you checking her phone thereby calling you insecure for altering her privacy, this is a red flag. This is a sign that indicates a girlfriend that cheats or permit me to say, sleeps around. She could be having an intimate chat with another dude on how she enjoyed having sex with him which she doesn’t want you to see.
9. Attention Seekers
Her relationship status changes from single to engaged, married to complicated every week. Her relationship status on social media changes like disco light because she doesn’t even know what she wants. Even their boyfriends can’t question them because they are the boss in the relationship.
10. Celebrity Freaks
Most ladies that droll over celebrities are usually promiscuous ladies and this is very evident in public shows. When some of them attend shows with their boyfriends, they shamelessly come on stage stripping themselves unclad for a performing artist. This reminds me when I took my ex to a show and she fainted when Saheed Osupa was performing on stage. I just shook my head and that was the end of the relationship.

Another 40 year old jumped into Lagos Lagoon

It seems the issue of suicide has refused to go away in Nigeria. Not too long go a young doctor committed suicide along third mainland bridge. The nation was shocked!

Unfortunately, the victim’s body was recovered some few days after

Another suicidal was reported this morning. 

“Report on the suicide was reported at Maroko Division at about 10:15 am and police operatives quickly rushed to the scene and alerted rescue unit.

A young man whose identity was ascertained to be a 40-year-old man jumped into the lagoon from the Lekki – Ikoyi link bridge in Lagos on Friday in an apparent suicide plunge.

Lagos State Police Command spokesman, ASP Olarinde Famous – Cole, identified the man as Adekunle Oluseyi John from Ondo State.
“During a search of the area, his mobile phone was retrieved from the scene. The man is about 40 years of age named Adekunle Oluseyi John from Ondo state.
“Rescue operations by the police and other bodies is ongoing, ” the police spokesman told journalist on Friday in Lagos.
Lagos State Waterways Authority, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and the Marine Police were at the scene in search of the body.
It was unclear what led to the suicide plunge but Witnesses said that the man pulled off his clothes and left some belongings, including his phone and ATM card, before jumping into the lagoon.
We shall keep you posted as news start filtering in