Apostle Suleiman’s persecution is planned- Livewire’s report

(I am completely an independent analyst concerned about truth)

1. Sahara Reporters: Let’s start off with where this news seemed to have originated from. Do we really trust this source? I for one have never done that since they surfaced, publishing certain stories in livid anonymity and getting away with it. Plus I know they’re out to make money. That’s all I have to say for them.

2. Festus Kenyamo, Reputable Doesn’t Mean “Truthful”: Since I was a kid, I’ve always heard about him. He’s famous, he’s notorious but does his fame mean he’s a “truthful” guy in this case?

3. Man in Photo Evidence, Not Suleiman: The man in the picture shots I saw sincerely compared with Apostle Suleiman in other pictures of him, doesn’t look like Suleiman. I have on many occasions seen close resemblance between people as many have notified me of resembling someone else in their lives. This man is a lookalike, not Apostle Suleiman.

The photo in question looks doctored and manipulated. Look at it closely, especially the cheek and bald head areas – that’s not Suleiman.

Besides, this was a chat call and a video recording was possible to be made. If Stephanie really is out for vengeance, why didn’t she record a video of the chat which would have been possible with just one button pushed, instead of pictures? Very interesting.

4. El-Rufai is Dead: Months earlier, when Apostle Suleiman took a hot swipe at El-Rufai with the “You’re dead” statement, I told myself that the Apostle had swung too far. Is it possible to assume this is the genesis of this scandal – which will conclude that this is a conspiracy?

5. Stephanie – Her Motive, Hypnotized?.. Timaya Mentioned: Watching Stephanie speak, she seemed to me as someone hypnotized into believing a story that did not happen. The way she keeps opening her mouth agape after pertinent points and the sly movement of her eyes will tell a decent body language expert that she believes the story, and not that it actually happened to her.

Let’s look at her state of mind: is she hurt that he didn’t marry her anymore? Or is she upset and vengeful that makes her eager to bring down the Apostle in the media? Why go to the media instead of the church? Besides she looks smart – would she honestly expect that the Apostle would leave his POWERFUL wife perfect in every way to marry herself Stephanie? Doesn’t add up.

Plus she mentioned she was supposed to shoot a video with Timaya recently. Why hasn’t Timaya said anything yet about that claim? Is the claim true? Or was Timaya paid up to act as her alibi? I’m sure his PR team would have notified him by now.

6. Stephanie, Kimora Doesn’t Care About Music: I “dug” in to discover more about this Kimora musician, Stephanie that is. Here’s something interesting; I discovered that the only song she’s ever done, both audio and video is titled, “His Girlfriend”. For someone serious about “blowing”, she has never put that song anywhere else except YouTube. Look at this next.

One “Olosho Mozarti” account uploaded the video of the song on September 26, 2016. By this time, Stephanie had not even opened a YouTube account herself. Instead she opened it the next day, Sept 27, 2016. Funny.

Now again watch this: Stephanie went on to upload this same video to YouTube not immediately after opening the account on Sept 27 but uploaded the music video to her account on DECEMBER 26 2016. How does it make sense? She doesn’t care about music.

7. LIVEWire’s CONCLUSION: This looks like a beautiful tactic that was planned way ahead of time by the people the Apostle has hurt. And it seems religiously motivated. It was a planned story meant to carry the theme of “you never know someone fully well”, but the logical evidence in this report has put me in the COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEIMAN the man of God is very innocent of these accusations.

P.S: Don’t look for what to believe. Ask WHY.


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