Pictures from the consecration of first African Nigerian born Anglican Bishop in 20 yrs in England

Bishop Dorgu left as is being consecrated

Church of England  appointed its first black bishop for 20 years. Downing Street announced that Woyin Karowei Dorgu is to be the 13th bishop of Woolwich.


Today  he has been consecrated at Southwark Cathedral on 17 March.

Dorgu was born in Burutu, Nigeria and studied at the College of Medicine, the University of Lagos, graduating with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees.  Dorgu moved to the United Kingdom in 1987 and he studied theology at the London Bible College, an evangelical theological college in Northwood, London.

He enrolled at Oak Hill College, a Conservative Evangelical theological college, to train for ordained ministry. Then he left after two years to be ordained in the Church of England, since his ordination, he has been a minister in London parishes.

Bishop Dorgu in his full regalia 

Woolwich, in southeast London, has a significant Nigerian population, many of whom worship in black-majority Pentecostal churches rather than the Church  of England. Dorgu said one of his priorities as bishop would be to celebrate the racial diversity of the Woolwich area at a press conference at Southwark Cathedral. He said he intended to “encourage BAME [black and minority ethnic] vocations and more participation in ministry”.


“I will celebrate the diversity in race, ability, gender, sexuality and class … Celebrating our differences is a gift,” he added.

Nigerians should be proud of their own


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