There may be no better way to introduce this urgent Appeal than to take a quote from the Letter of Appeal made on her behalf by Nigeria’s former Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation, Rt. Hon KGB Oguakwa, titled, “A YOUNG MOTHER’S WAIL FOR HELP” – as follows:

“…Mrs. Ihuoma Nzeka’s breast cancer ailment and the sad narrative of how the recommended preventatives of both early diagnosis and immediate medical follow-up intervention were both mismanaged under our largely underdeveloped healthcare delivery systems, are outside the tenor of the present plea for emergency financial assistance…Presently and hopelessly hospitalized at LASUTH, Ikeja, this young graduate of Linguistics & Philology and working mother of two daughters aged 4 & 2 years, is languishing in the agony of excruciating pain and in danger of imminent death except evacuated to India for an already scheduled medical intervention… billed to cost approximately USD$25,000. .. relentlessly delightful, diligent, honest and imbued with a transparently compassionate and convival persona, she lights up a many a flight cabin merely by being in it.


Rare and virtuous, Mrs. Ihuoma Nzeka has since 2009 been a staff of, and was still working as a Crew Member with Arik Air, until struck down by the aggressively unrelenting scourge of this cancer. The matter has become urgent in order to save her young and meaningful life… We come therefore to Ceasar, – an Appeal for urgent financial help, which outcome will decide Ihuoma’s mortal fate…”

Please HELP! God bless you as you do.

For more detailed news on this lady, you can click this link.



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