Suicide Rates Will Multiply in Nigeria.

By Bisi Odukoya

Good morning amiable and patriotic citizens of Nigeria. Iam sending this HARSH but TRUE message not because I have no compassion but the truth is bitter and must be told. Remember the popular article by Late Educational Sage, Tai Solarin “May your road be rough…..”.

Suicide rates is getting higher now not because times are hard, times were HARDER during the Biafran war.

The problem now is that




Friends now see themselves more as rivals. The race is measured by wealth and nothing else, thereby creating unnecessary competition. Set backs are mourned as wasted lives by those who should give love and genuine support. With all these, a troubled man becomes the butt of jokes by those in whom he has reposted his trust.

Calamities befall men and their friends shed tears in the morning and run them down at night. Adults are now children. The man can’t even tell his wife or partner ( if there is one) because he is sure she won’t understand. He has seen her divulge little details to her family. He has heard her eulogise wealth and curse set backs as abomination. She has a little merry heart.

The pastor / cleric can’t be trusted because he is given to flashy cars and worldly ambitions. He rates men by their earthly successes and wealth. He can’t be trusted because wealth he says is the ultimate blessing from God. Everyday he celebrates only the rich

So the troubled man walks around with his troubles in his heart, smiles at all the children masquerading as adults around him. One day, he will weigh it all over and say Noooooo. It’s enough.

True mature friends are now very scarce! Ore Otito, won han ju oju lo. Awon ore odale wa po bii rere.

“Iron sharpenth iron” may this forum help to achieve this everyday.


I have been worried about the man who jumped into the lagoon recently.

He allegedly asked his driver to pull over on the Mainland bridge in Lagos and jumped. The man is presumed dead.

According to Lagos State CP, he is survived by, at least, his mother.

Some points to immediately consider

1. Had a driver, he was not a wretched

2. Had a mother, not an old man.

3. Medical doctor, professional person

Yet, he was sufficiently troubled by something or some things enough to drive him over the edge. DEPRESSION

Similarly, another lady jumped over the Mazamaza Bridge in Amuwo Odofin Local Government of Lagos state very recently. These events need to stress to us that DEPRESSION IS REAL. Pay attention to your friends and family members.

Research has it that most of those who commit suicide gave hints. People around them just didn’t notice.

Has anybody ever said something like: “Ile aye su mi jare” (I am sick and tired of everything) and you dismissed it? Have you been close to someone who all of a sudden started withdrawing from people, brooding for long, started giving away things they treasured, stopped making plans?

Ask them pointedly if they are planning to commit suicide. You’d be surprised to learn how easy they will open up to you…because that’s the opening they need in order to seek help.

And you yourself, seek help. I know everybody is quick to refer you to a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. But in our society where you can’t even get help for malaria, how can you find such a professional? So, find a good friend…a good relative..a good neighbor…a good co-worker and talk to them.


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