Transgender Monique Allen:Woman who has had 200 plastic surgeries warns others


Monique Allen was a male former American dancer, 58 years old, and lives in Orange County, California. She is now facing the serious consequences of cosmetic surgery. At the age of 23, Monique Allen began to perform gender reassignment surgery. Since then, she spent 35 years pursuing the path of beauty with cutlery, most parts of her body has changed. To satisfy her strange addiction, Monique Allen has had about 200 surgeries to correct eyelids, nose, lips, breasts and buttocks and the number of surgeries is still no sign of stopping.

Monique Allen as a man

She was a good-looking guy but because Monique Allendid not want to against her true gender so she decided transgender at the age of 22. At this point, almost on some body parts of Monique Allen has been changed in some way. Plastic surgery addiction is arising from her after sex change surgery and she has become a cosmetic surgery addict and she had plastic surgerymore than 200 times. However, increasingly her face is more and more pathetic. Still known abusing measures cutlery beauty by going too far can leave complications but she was not worried. She still tries to find illegal cosmetic center to complete her strange addiction.


Talking about her terrible passion, Monique said she has had three eyelid surgeries, 20 cases of rhinoplasty, lip injections 20 times, 8 cases of breast augmentation and the same of buttock injections. In addition, the addict has also had approximately 8-12 times removed and refurbished her artificial body parts. As first glance, Monique has undergone 200 surgeries with a total amount up to $250,000. Many of these surgeries are performed by bad surgeons causing serious consequences for Monique Allen. She estimated that about 12 liters of silicone was injected into her body.


Everybody wants to be beautiful. Some people use cosmetics and the others have decided surgery to change the appearance. However, after undergoing a painful sex change surgery that still dares to overhaul 200 times as Monique Allen is a rare case. After frantically cosmetic surgery, the body of Monique Allenbecomes saggy increasingly. Her face is completely disfigured, sagging breasts like two deflated balls and leg skin ulcers. Estimated only in last year, Monique Allenhas spent more than $150,000 for an overhaul beauty surgery. Money spent a lot while the body is withered gradually, this has caused disenchantment. Finally, 58-year-old woman decided to spend $100,000 to withdraw all silicone from the body and stop plastic surgery.

Aesthetic cravings started appearing immediately after she underwent gender reassignment surgery at a young age. She always wanted to become more beautiful, more confident and seductive. Sadly, at present, Monique had to say goodbye to her artistic path that pursuit for many years and became disabled due to a leak silicone fluid down her leg that cannot go back again, her face as tough as statues in the museum. Currently, the former dancer has become a handicap and cannot go back her heyday and had to live with 38FFF size breasts! Monique Allen hopes people will take her lessons to make the right decision before someone try to approach beauty with cutlery.

Credit Plastic surgery stars


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