A thief stuck in a chimney for 2 days before rescued by police pics

The thief trapped

A man accused of attempting a robbery was stuck in a chimney at a youth centre in Zimbabwe for two days, before being rescued by a fire brigade crew and taken away by police. Andrea Zunga, 33, looked like a zombie from a movie when he emerged from the chimney.


According to report by Zimbabwean journalist Raisedon Baya, Zunga’s accomplices who are still at large, managed to get in and out through one of the chimneys and got way with two computers, a laptop and a jacket but he got stuck in the other chimney which is blocked at the bottom. The accomplices on realising that.  Zunga was stuck in the chimney fled with their loot and did not tell anyone about the mishap.

Finally rescued

During his rescue mission, police were there on time to save him from an angry mob before whisking him away.Zunga is said to be on important medication after having come from South Africa on a stretcher, family members said.

Mobs looking for ways to pounce on him

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