We have been having sex with our English teacher- underaged students (pics)

Brianne Altice

A teacher who had sex with her pupils said they made her “feel good” about herself.

Brianne Altice, from Utah, blamed “self-esteem issues” for the incidents with underage students.

The 37-year-old, who was married at the time of the events, was arrested after one of her 16-year-old victims notified the police.

Two other 17-year-olds then stepped forward and also claimed they had been having sex with the English teacher.

Her encounters with the teens behind her husband’s back included one in a church car park.

Brianne in court room

And pupils at their school reportedly had a running joke of ‘Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?’

She was arrested after one of the boys described tattoos on her body.

The 16-year-also gave cops an accurate layout of the house where he said they had intercourse at least five times.

Altice was arrested after he tipped off police in 2013 – and two 17-year-old students then came forward saying she had also been having sex with them.

She was fired shortly afterwards as an English teacher at a high school in Kaysville, Utah, and her husband filed for divorce and custody of their children.

“I clearly lost sight of all my values and my principles and was seeking inappropriate means to address my own issues.

“Issues I’m very aware of now.”

Altice was clear that she was taking full responsibly for her actions and placed no blame on her ex-husband, her students or the school.

Altice, a mother of two, was jailed for 30 years in 2015 after pleading guilty to forcible sexual abuse and has now made an appeal for parole.

“They said this and that and made me feel good about myself. So I justified everything. There’s no justification for it,” she said.


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