This lady needs your advice on her proposed suitor

My fellow nairalanders, I think I’m in a deep mess. Truly I’m old enough to settle down and my parents won’t let me rest. They asked me to stop chasing after money but settle down and we all know men of these days, they like already made just as the way they complain about the ladies…now I met a guy who is ready to settle down and very responsible. He doesn’t stay in Nigeria…

He is such a caring man and ha never married. He was born and brought up in England but he’s from Lagos.

Hmmm…the worse part of him is that he’s too jealous and calls me like 100times in a day. I’m not exaggerating plz. I’m here in Lagos but he never allows me to rest at all. If he calls me twice and I’m not picking its gonna be problem.

He keeps asking are you with someone there?

Why are you not replying my chat so fast?

Why did you put off your data please I hate it

What are you doing right now?

Why are you not speaking aloud?

Lots of questions and I can’t begin to imagine right now.

I don’t know what to do please help me. He’s choking me and just too jealous which is why he’s still single according to him, no wife no kids.

If possible he can ask me to do video chat with him while crossing the express road.

What is your advise?


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