If you can’t sustain erection, have your heart examined

It goes without saying that only a healthy man can get and sustain an erection.

Physicians are, however, worried that when some men fail to achieve erection or sustain one to last a session of sex and derive ultimate satisfaction, they resort to self-medication such as downing doses of erection-boosting drugs or drinks.

Yet, doctors are warning that if you have problems in getting a sustainable erection, you may be having a heart condition without realising such!

Experts at the online portal hopkinsmedicine.orgwarn that sexual problems often foretell heart problems.

And, contrary to what many have been led to believe, erectile problems are not a normal part of getting older as many people think; rather, they almost always indicate a physical problem.

One of the reasons why erectile dysfunction is considered a barometer for overall heart health is because the penis, like the heart, is a vascular organ. Its arteries are much smaller than that of the heart; consequently, when there is a damage to the arteries, it manifests first in the way the penis performs — often years before the symptoms of heart disease begin to show.

The researchers warn that men in their 40s who have erection problems, even without other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, run an 80 percent risk of developing heart problems within 10 years.

What to do

Physicians counsel that treatment tends to be successful when started as soon as you begin to notice erection problems over more than a couple of months.

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