Is My Wife Sleeping With Her Boss? – 

This man needs your honest advice, Please read on:

Good day all. I need your immediate advise on an issue. I have been suspecting my wife lately. This is someone I have never suspected since we got married since 2010. We have 2 kids. My wife actually works in one of the government agencies.

I have never suspected my wife but in recent times I’m beginning to doubt my wife. I called to have a conversation with her which she took personal and led to serious fight between us.

The main issue is this. I recently saw a screen munched picture of whatsapp conversation between my wife and her boss in which my wife was asking for money from her boss and that if he gave her the money she would have sex with him. Just to corroborate this point, I had a laptop that I was not using, recently I logged on to it and I saw my wife’s google search on the following: ” My regrets after having sex with my boss”, “how to relate with my boss after slepping with him”

Friends I’m very devastated but I need your advise on how to handle this with her


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