This guy needs your assistance

M brother had two kids from a lady they lived together for about 8years. After they met he lost his job and fell ill .

Somehow issues started when he could no longer do anything for his family. In our own little way we Assisted but not enough. She pays the rent, schools fees and all. I give her credit for this, not been easy at all.

The issue now is my brother moved out the house for almost a year now and she won’t allow him visit or see his kids. She changed their school and moved them out of her house to a different location.

Recently they came for holidays and someone informed my brother who went to visit them but it resulted into a scuffle. She is bent on sending him to jail.. She accused him of kidnapping his own kids. My problem is he has no job, too broke to even fight back and we the family don’t really want to get involved. They are in court.

I suspect the human right agency involved in the case are favoring her because of the circumstances…

I need your advice


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