The evil Lagos landlord does, this tenant needs your advice

I write with so much pain and uncertainty of what will be in 3days time

The apartment i stay with my family was sold to a new landlord and ever since that building was sold, all the tenants in the apartment have been tormented by the new landlord. let me furnish the you with the history of what has transpired since the former landlord sold to the new landlord. On august 2017, news were flying that our compound has been sold to a new buyer. on hearing the news, we contacted the former landlord to know if it were true. the former landlord told us it was a lie that if we see anyone coming to claim the building, we should inform him. 2weeks later, the rumor turned out to be true. When we contacted the former landlord again, he admitted that the building have been sold but he will come with the buyer and introduce to the tenants.

Iimmediately we demanded that our receipt for payment be given to us cos he had not issued us receipt for payment and he refused. 2weeks passed and he did not come with the new buyer instead a 6months notice to quit the compound starting from November 2016 to April 2017 was pasted on the gate of the compound in October 29 by the lawyer of the new buyer.

After it was posted we responded by employ a lawyer. So the lawyer had to first meet the old landlord to issue us our receipt which he did 4days later. After which the lawyer file a case @ the magistrate court to restrain the new landlord from evicting us .

Note that in the compound, about 5 tenants are new tenants and their rent will run till the end of 2017 and early 2018. Also note that while the rumur was flying about the sale of the house, the former landlord collected rent from3 tenants.

While the case was on at the magistrate court the new land lord and the old landlord refuse to appear in court. fast forward to last month, Lagos state building agency came to our compound to paste a notice stating that the compound needs to be rehabilitated withing the next 21 days starting from march 22nd else they will take action.

Then on the 2nd of April, another notice from the same Agency giving us 7days to vacate the building for the new landlord’s in ability to rehabilitate the building. After the seven days notice was pasted, our lawyer filed a case against the agency and also got an injunction against them from the magistrate court.

My fear now is if the agency or the new landlord will respect court order because the new landlord has been boasting that come rain come shine he must bring down the building and he has been threatening all the tenants with area boys cos they keep coming to the compound.


Culled from Nairaland


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