5 Occupations That Receive The Highest Number Of Insults In Nigeria 

A Nigerian on line contributor wrote this, do you agree with him? Feel free to add yours

1. Police.

Police ! Police !! Police !!! if you have not fell into their traps before you would not understand what I am saying.


Some of them o not all of them, before DSS starts to look for somebody’s enemy.

3.NEPA .

Ah yeh they are number one in Nigeria ,nobody else recieves insults more than them. The popular insult is em “May Thunder have its way with Nepa”. It is so bad in my area that they seize their office gate, I mean they pulled it out and seized it. If you ask them now they would say” we are going to work on it” but my father said during his time Nepa officials said “We are working on it” when I thought about the two statements I came to the conclusion that we are going to wait for a long time since they have not even started working on it . Back in the days Nigerian Government were once givers, they gave benevolently, we gave neighbouring countries power yet we don’t even have. I feel the pain of those who use electrical power for their businesses. If you ask them they would say the power comes from the power station our work is to distribute, but na una we know .

4. Bus conductor

They would tell you a certain price for the distance they are going to run, but on the way they would just increase the price and in other not to embarass yourself you would just have to pay, if not they are 101% ready to fight with you over 10 naira and it wouldn’t look to good for a literate to be fighting in public.

5. Bankers

Sometimes it is better to save to your money in

an empty bottle or bury it underground. You go to your bank to withdraw your own money, I 0mean your own money ,they would keep you there for hours be it in the bank itself or the ATM to withdraw your own hard earned money. Even at times when it gets to your turn in the ATM stand it begins to read “Out of Service” that time the only thing on my mind is mur*er, it can reduce a grown to tears .If I can remember clearly when I was about paying for

Timirexity.com domain(February 14) I almost

cried because my bank and my atm card had  issues, I couldn’t withdraw but later during the day God showed me love and I was able to pay, after crying o. If you ask them they would say it’s the network but network nor affect una bank wen I dey deposit the money. Who is fooling who? .


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