How to handle a cheating spouse

Rev Kokoette Sunday Udoh

First you must understand that it does not just happen because any spouse that intentionally cheat on his/her partner be it from the husband or from the wife, does not know the value of marriage.

Cheating is as a result of unmet needs, it revolves around need for satisfaction which could be SEX or Material.

So rather than making trouble or quarrelling, engage in dialogue with the cheating spouse, create a room to talk about it.

Make him/her realise the consequences of his/her action. Effective communication is the key to resolving it.

By dialogue couple with prayers you should be able to unravel the root cause. Then give emotional support, don’t be spiteful with it or bad mouthing.

Don’t sell the weakness of your spouse out  or else, he/she will loose his/her respect self esteem and prestige, and of cause you will become a mocking or a laughing stock in the eyes of  the same people.

Go for counselling and if the unmet need is something SEXUAL, you can work it out by understanding and getting to know the sexual needs of your partner.

Don’t be sanctimonous, if necessary, watch films (blue or sexual) to boost SEXUAL drive.


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