Should I Marry This Single Mother? 

A young man wrote this, Read and advice

Hi guys, I seriously need your opinion on this matter. Please take your time to go through my story:

I came in contact with this single mother of two kids in my church. This lady has every good character you want in a potential wife. Shes so selfless, God-fearing, down to earth, caring, very matured and willing to die for my love.

So we got really close, talking and started dating, it was then I discovered she had had two kids before, I couldn’t believe my ears.

From her explanation, she really had a very rough past. she was dating a guy she really doesn’t love.

After having a kid for him, they separated due to some reasons; then 2 years forward the guy came back begging, she agreed and then the second kid came.

Few years going forward, things really got nasty. The guy impregnated two other ladies, making her very depressed and frustrated. So she left him and had since over 7 years now been with the two kids and the guy had since then neglected her her and not even bothered about his kids; mind you, there was never a legal marriage between the two of them.

Now on my own part, I was a virgin when I met her. So she was the one who disvirgined me and we had intimated a couple number of times of course we felt guilty, remorseful and sorry for it cos it was very wrong of us. I really do love her though and she loves me, there were sometimes on three different occasions we had to break up cos I felt I couldn’t go ahead with the marriage, but she falls terribly sick in the process and I myself I couldn’t handle the feeling cos I always miss her. So we make up again

My pastor doesn’t see anything wrong in our getting married but advises we pray really hard about it. Now, I’m quite worried the kind of resistance my family members will put up if I bring that type of lady for marriage cos there this lady ive been dating for years, she happens to be a virgin, so there was nothing intimate. I think I lover her too but not as strong as what I feel for the single mum.

She kind of broke up with me saying she needed time for herself and education, so I let her be. It was in the process I met the single mum. But we are still good friends, we talk, we laugh gist and all…..


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