Malia Obama:Daughter following her father’s step

Barrack and Malia

Malia Obama has finally come of age. The eldest daughter of Barrack Obama, former President of USA has clean her image, following her father’s footsteps.

There was a time the shocking images showed Malia, smoking a suspicious cigarette, exposing herself and twerking.

Malia Obama will be following in her father’s footsteps. On Sunday, the White House announced that the president’s eldest daughter would be attending Harvard University after she graduates high school. But, before she buries herself in those books, she’ll be taking a break from academics.

The Obamas told Malia not to choose a school based on name value. “I don’t want them to think, ‘Oh, I should go to these top schools.’ We live in a country where there are thousands of amazing universities. So the question is: What’s going to work for you?” President Obama says he advised his first born. Still, looks like Malia couldn’t resist the ivy walls and crimson of America’s most prestigious university.

Malia, whose life has been, understandably, incredibly guarded during her time in the White House, seems prepared to begin her next stage of life. Not only will she be leaving the nest, her whole family will be leaving the White House as her father’s second term comes to an end. While Malia will be guarded by members of the Secret Service, like college-bound first-daughters before her, her life will begin to resemble that of a normal young woman’s more and more.

Congrats to Malia, and the entire Obama family.

Credit BET


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