Lady’s worth is more than being a sex object

When I was growing up, two of my brothers had two remarkable girlfriends.

One was called Martha and the other Gwendoline. Martha was pretty, clean and humble while Gwendoline who was the senior prefect of her school was very intelligent and pretty too. Whenever one of these girls were to visit, there will be general sanitation. My brothers will make up their beds with special bedsheet that were meant only for visitors, decorate their rooms with bottles of mineral that you dare not drink, buy cupan biscuits or short cake and top grenadine.

They always had this white towel that they never use but will sprinkle water on it and sun it outside in front of their rooms so that the girls will think that is the towel they use. Hey how can I forget the Elitis and Tony Montana perfume all over the room?

Did I mention the bottle of Musk or Beldam body lotion on the shelve. The truth about this body lotion is; what was actually in those bottles were not musk or beldam. It was actually lamo or Fidel. Now talking about these girls, my brothers loved them not only because of their beauty but because of their brains. They were intelligent, smart and pretty.

Older boys and men do you remember those days when a woman’s worth was far more than her figure? Do you remember the girl you tripped for just because she was reading a novel at the bus station? What about that clean girl whose white socks and clean sandals gave you sleepless night?

Wait did I mention the one who swept you away just because she challenged you and answered a question. What about that humble and decently dress girl that was the woman of your dreams. Do I have to name the one who refused talking to you because she thought you smoked cigarette? That one made you go crazy.

The other one you admired because she always helped her parents at home and was so respectful. The one who wanted to be a doctor. You remember her? Her ambition made you go crazy for her.

What is happening today? Why has the society reduced a woman to nothing but breast and butt? The society has made women so cheap.

Guys think all what makes a woman is the shape of her breast and the size of her butt. Unfortunately this has made some of us girls with very low self-esteem to concentrate on our looks more than our being.

No doubt we have slay queens with lay heads. For those who can’t afford a surgery, artificial breast and butt gives them fake confidence. The sole aim of most girls now is to be sexy. A girl will do everything possible just to be called sexy. You spend hours learning how to twerk or drop it like it’s hot.

Every girl wants to be a stripper. We all want to buy dresses that show our figures. Even when we want to take a picture, all our poses look sexual. Why have we allowed society to make us sexual objects?

You watch a music video clip today, the men are properly dressed and dancing responsibly while the woman is half naked making sexual moves. I refuse to be sexualized. I refuse to be seen as an object of pleasure.

As a woman, there is more to us than our figures. Our figures will not and cannot define us. We don’t have to walk half naked to beautiful.

All them classy ladies out there it’s time we show the world our worth. Our figure has little or nothing to do with our worth. And for the older boys and men out here, It’s time you teach these boys that there is more to a woman. I refuse to be sexy and I choose to be classy. Please let’s have a rethink its becoming alarming



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