Beauty vlogger Vanessuhh Leanne shares graphic video of her getting her NIPPLES PIERCED (video)


The 19-year-old wasn’t shy about baring all for the camera

A YOUTUBE star has invited viewers into a very intimate moment – as she broadcast herself getting her nipples pierced.

Vlogger Vanessuhh Leanne usually uploads beauty vids and fun chatty posts but the 19-year-oldYouTuber took things a step further with this latest clip.

Vanessa, also known as Darbie Doll, uploaded the clip of herself topless having both her nipples pierced in quick succession to her YouTube channel.

She said: “I’m shaking,” before unleashing a torrent of expletives as the female tattoo parlour employee inserted the metal bar.

The entire procedure was over in just a few seconds and the second stud was in place equally as quickly.

The clip, which was uploaded three weeks ago, has been viewed more than 40,000 times, and has received mixed reviews – with some congratulating her on her bravery.

One said: “Brave soul lol I’m going to get mines done now.”

While another added: “Damn that looked painful but you made it. I think I would of ran out of that place yelling like a barbarian knocking people over… Congratulations on your accomplishment.”

Others were less impressed by the explicit content and use of bad language.

Vanessa confronted her critics with a defiant message.

Watch the video


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