13 Categories Of People That Use Facebook

Facebook has been a great media in connecting people over the years. Its simple user interface and flexibility has made it a one-in-a-million social media. In my many years of using facebook, I have seen different types of users. And this is actually the reason for writing this post.

Here are the types of people on facebook:

1. The attention seekers:

They put up controversial posts about themselves or other people. What do you think of someone who says “can’t eat because of this one thing”. You are left wondering what that one thing is….

2. The wannabe

They form celebrities on facebook. Can you think of that friend who put up picture of his fake blings and write “Living my life, rocking my 500k diamond chain!”

3. The ‘gratefuls’

Have you ever wondered why people write “Thank you for accepting my request?” on people’s wall? Could it be as a result of low self esteem? If need be to appreciate them, send a message to their inbox instead!

4. The freaking lovers

If you are single, you will just get tired of seeing constant PDAs, rubbed in your face. These set of people put up romantic pictures of themselves and their boo…. ‘Boo and I At the movies’, ‘Boo and I buying suya’, ‘Boo and I in the toilet’…Please now, stop tormenting those who are still searching, biko!

5. The murmurers

They wont stop complaining on facebook. You know them by these statuses; “What a terrible boss I have!”, “Men are dogs, they will never make heaven!”

6. The fun-lovers

They post jokes and funny memes. You get to know the trending funny news via their updates.

7. The Prayer warriors

They post PRAYER POINTS and write stuffs like ‘don’t scroll without typing AMEN’.

8. The incognito

They wont post anything, rather they take note of everybody’s posts on facebook. They know who is engaged, and who just got their heart broken. Because they know what they do, they would never post information about their own lives on facebook, so people don’t stalk them too.

9. The gossip

They monitor everything that goes in their friends life via facebook. But unlike the incognito, they make sure they are seen. If you post a picture of you and a baby, they say things like ‘cute kid, do you have a baby now?’. While there’s no harm in asking, the gossip asks, not because they care, but because they want to know what’s going on in your life.

10. The ever-online

If you check facebook messenger, they are always online. These set of people practically sleep on Facebook. Hence, they are always chatting with people.

11. The ‘likers’

These people always like everyone’s posts. They will surely like or comment on your posts or pictures, they are not stingy with their likes!

12. The ‘waka-pass’

They don’t like or comment on anyone’s post. They just go through their Facebook page whenever they are bored.

13. The ‘inactive’

They only have a profile on Facebook,  but rarely visit the site.

Which category do you belong? Tell us in the comment box.

Credit Bae’s diary


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