Why You Have No Excuse To Remain Broke 

Being broke is not your fault. It happens to everyone at one point or the other. But to remain broke? Now that is your fault. It is wrong to continue to blame anybody or a system for your financial fortune.

There are so many opportunities around that it is totally illogical for anyone to remain broke. There are countless possibilities that stare at us today. And as I have often say, the way to end the cycle of being broke is not just to work hard at your regular job but to have your own personal business. Your job may earn you a living but true wealth comes from owning your own business. And the business prospects of our day exceed what is obtainable at any other time. Even our parents never had it easy.

There are three basic excuses why people refuse to start their own business:

No capital: Of course, this is the foremost reason. It is a reasonable excuse considering how difficult it is to get along. It can be painful that after brainstorming to come up with business ideas, there is money to execute it. But this reason is logical only up to a certain point. There are people that have started businesses with no money of their own. Better still, there are businesses you can do right now that do not require capital but can fetch you money to start other businesses. They exist!

Unfavorable business climate: This is one of the reasons that were given on a thread few days ago about why some phones are cheaper in Kenya than Nigeria. And it is a valid point too. Nigeria’s environment makes it difficult for businesses to thrive. International studies and even African businessmen like Strive Masiyiwa have also asserted that Nigeria is not too favorable for businesses.

No business idea: Have you seen some people that actually have the capital but do not know what businesses to go into? Though this category is very rare, they never the less exist. And business idea does not just mean a random idea, I refer to ideas that can generate returns.

This is why having an internet business is the key. It eliminates the first two problems. If you have an internet business:

• You don’t have to worry about capital. Most genuine businesses require almost no financial input from you. Internet businesses these days will generate money for you even if you don’t invest capital in them. All they require is your time.

• You don’t have to worry about unfavorable business climate.Nigeria’s business climate does not have its tentacles extended to the online world. Here, there is no need for inventory, no tax, no need for staff, no need to bribe officials and the likes. All you need is your laptop, your two hands and your data subscription.

• You don’t have to worry about having a business location. You don’t need an office either. All you need, you most likely have: your own apartment. You can work from the comfort of your home.

Three most lucrative internet businesses in Nigeria now

By ‘most lucrative businesses’, I mean businesses you can start right away with almost nothing from the comfort of your home with potential of fetching you handsome profits.

Work on Kindle (Publishing): Amazon’s kindle desktop publishing is one of the most lucrative. If you have the ability to write, why not make money from it? With kindle, you can publish your books for free and enjoy patronage from all around the world. You don’t need to pay to register neither are there subscription fees. It’s free. Better still, you can write at your convenience and keep earning royalty for life!

Work on Fiverr (Freelancing): Yes, the freelance business is still making more Nigerians richer! Fiverr is a profitable platform because you stand a chance to work there. Contrary to what you think, Fiverr is not only about writing. If you can edit videos, audios, do photoshop, or you are tech savvy, it means you are a potential hot cake on Fiverr. Equally, if you can write articles and other kinds of writing, you should give this a thought. Any ability you have will find its market on Fiverr.

Work on Clickbank (Affiliate Marketing): This is my speciality. You can engage in Affiliate marketing by simply promoting the products of companies. How do you get your money? The companies will pay you a commission when anyone makes a purchase through the unique link you will be given. If you have two hours a day and an internet connection, you are good to go. Unlike the other two options above, you don’t need any special ability to work here. In other words, anybody can engage in affiliate marketing. Once you learn the ropes, you will start making money from the marketing.

Once again, I repeat; being broke is not bad, but remaining broke is definitely bad. There is no excuse to be. This is why any sensible Nigerian will embrace these opportunities and exploit them. And the good thing about them is that you can start any of these businesses right away.

Credit Affiliate jagaban.com


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