Read the reason why this Pastor sets many Bibles on fire

Tons of Holy Bibles to be set on fire

– A man of God has shocked many after he burned thousands of bibles on Easter Monday

– The pastor claimed the bibles were ‘misleading’ his congregation as they have been heavily edited

His is an action that has been heavily condemned by fellow Christians, some who even claim he might face punishment from God.

Pator Aloysius Bugingo has left tongues wagging after he ordered his church members to collect thousands of bibles which he later burned.

The House of Prayer ministries leader claimed the various versions of the bible had been heavily edited thus were ‘misleading’ his congregation.

Pastor Bugingo

The Uganda based clergyman’s church is attended mostly by Makerere University students and the congregation number at about 6,000 people.

Apart from the King James Version, the pastor who also owns Salt FM and TV set on fire other versions including the New Testament and the Good News Bible which he said have omitted some verses.

Tons of Bibles on fire

Thousand of bibles go up in flames after Bugingo set them on fire.

Some of the lines that have been tampered with in the translations according to Bugingo are those which talk about fasting and the Lent period.

Some of the bible versions that were burned included the King James Bible, Good News Bible and New Testament translation.

He also claimed the King James Bible version contained the word ‘Holy Ghost’ more times than it did the word ‘Holy Spirit’.


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