How the recording of wedding 2yrs ago revealed the secret of childlessness (video)

The woman who was captured on camera stealing from the bride at a wedding has confessed to being responsible for the couple not having kids.

They were married for 2years with no kids. The couple’s friend randomly saw this video he recorded 2yrs ago at their wedding. They apparently confronted the woman and she confessed to doing something diabolic to her to cause her to not have kids! May God help us!!! Such a wicked world!!! Do we now add diabolical/fetish/juju as one of the Infertility causes!

May God help us o!

Some may say it’s superstition and speculation but that lady looked like she had evil intentions.

She was plotting for the right time to touch her stomach. The way she even touched it, and walked away, that wasnt normal.

Please watch it again!


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