This young lady needs your advise

A few months ago, my parents got me a job in a family friend’s boutique as a sales girl because they can’t quite afford to pay for my studies at the moment. Less than two months after I resumed, my boss who is a man and about my father’s age started asking me about my sexual experience so far and each time he asks teasingly, I let him know I’m still a virgin and intend to remain so till my wedding night. A few weeks back, when I was cleaning out the store room, he came and grabbed my breasts from behind me. When I got home, I told my mum I would stop going to work and she told me to prepare to stop pursuing my entry into the university as they (my parents) expect my salary to take care of my tuition fees. I don’t want to tell them why I want to stop work because I don’t want to cause a family feud, yet I don’t want to lose my virginity to that man. What shall I do? Please help!

Culled from a newspaper


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