Exclusive: President Buhari must not die in office

By Muyiwa Olayinka

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President Buhari

It is no longer news that the Commander in Chief of armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Buhari is terminally ill. The recent picture showing our dear President while praying with Governor of Amosu of Ogun and Gov El Rufai of Kaduna states respectively says it all.

While exchanging pleasantries with the two governors in the mosque, I saw his “Figure Now No More Than Skin & Bones” according to Perry Brimah.

Birmah said and I quote “The videos of Buhari walking to Friday prayers bring tears to eyes. His asthenic figure, now no more than skin-and-bones as he sat down for the Jumat service, was heart-wrenching”

See the picture below:

President Buhari with Gov El Rufai

I want to support Birmah and all other well meaning Nigerians to advise the President to go for further treatments. He told the nation shortly when he came back from medical vacation, that he will soon be going back to run further tests. One wonders why he has not gone back for futher treatments.

It seems the President is caged in Aso rock by the cabals and his handlers are doing more damage to his image and health. The rigours of office is taking its toil on Mr President and it has a debilitating effect on his health.

We know that power intoxicates. There are people benefitting from Buhari’s Presidency and they are not willing to let go easily. They are enjoying the aura, power, perks and the allure.

In Nigeria, I recognise the fact that the system does not take care of anybody, it has become a rat race for every Nigerian to struggle for survival. So if fortunately, you find yourself in the corridors of power, one is tempted to exploit the situation to a maximum advantage. This is applicable to the cabals holding Mr President against his will.

The President has not been seen publicly in recent times, it is rather confounding  who had been in charge. We have heard a lof of appointments being made in recent times. Boards of parastatals, heads of MDAs were routinely changed.

The weekly Federal Executive Council meeting presided by Mr President did not hold. The previous meeting was presided by Vice President Osibajo. It says a lot about the precarious health of Mr President.

With the benefit of hindsight, we have had a situation like this in Nigeria. Late General Sanni Abacha died in office under a similar circumstance.

The nation was shocked at the sight of their leader when he publicly addressed the nation. He was looking frail, weak, stressed and sickly. His handlers made spirited effort to douse the public outcry, but evetually he lost his life.

                     General Sanni Abacha

This mistake must not be repeated again. All well meaning Nigerians should cry in unison and exert their influence,  urging Mr President to do the needful. He must  attend to his fragile health, either to embark on another medical vacation or he resigns from office, if his condition is worse or irredeemable.

It is better he spends the latter part of his life in the midst of his love ones, family and friends rather than die in office in the company of power mongers and bucaneers.


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