Drama at the burial of Adeleke as a lady commisioner was nearly attacked (pics)

By Muyiwa Olayinka

ADELEKE Support Volu. '18 20170423_111300

It was widely reported that political supporters and followers of late Senator Adeleke believed he was poisoned to death. The late senator attended a political meeting and another function, came back later on Saturday’s night and complained of stomach ache. As he was being rushed to the hospital he gave up the ghost.

They beleived the late senator was hale and hearty when he left home in the morning. He was one of the contestants of Osun state governorship slated for 2018. His supporters beleived his chances are bright.

The youths of the town who are sympathetic to the late senator had been protesting since yesterday. According to Islamic rites, the remains of the late senator ought to have been buried on Sunday

This suspicion necessitated the junior brother of the late senator, Deji Adeleke, father of Davido to order autopsy before being buried.

As the burial rites were being observed, today, the commisioner nominee from the state chapter attended the burial proceedings. The youths were infuriated and protested her presence at the burial. They suspected all state members in the death of the senator.

The angry supporters of Adeleke collapsed canopy in order to show their anger with Idiat Babalola, who is a Commissioner nominee of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Babalola who was seated among the dignitaries including the younger brother of the deceased, Deji Adeleke, was allegedly chased out by the youths who alleged that the former Governor was poisoned by some APC leaders.

The problem started when Babalola was sighted by the mourners who demanded that she should be sent out. Despite pleas from family members of the deceased, the youths insisted and started shouting and raining curses.

The youths started shaking the canopy which later collapsed.

The collapsed canopy

Governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun saved the female politician from getting attacked at the burial of late senator Isiaka Adeleke. Amosun, who was among dignitaries that attended the burial, was seen pushing a thug who was visibly unhappy about the presence of the yet-to-be identified woman at the funeral ceremony.

The lady being ferried out of safety as Gov Amosu is seen pacifying on of the thugs

The lady was quickly hurried to safety.


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