You are either single or married

An on line contributor sent this:

You ask an obviously unmarried lady out and she says “sorry I’m in a relationship” and many ladies will quickly change their status on their social media handle to….”in a relationship or Engaged” …worse still some will go as far as putting up the pics of a man who is not yet officially theirs and I keep wondering what goes on in the minds of some ladies ..

Shall we call that being faithful or being naive?

Every lady reading this should wake up and understand that until a man is officially married to you,he can not be trusted in anyway and that a man is even engaged to you does not guaranty marriage

Each time you tell a guy who asks you out that you are taken while still unmarried,you are simply shutting the door on yourself too soon and many ladies have shut out their husbands simply because they got carried away by an unserious man who is only good at mouthing their love and giving them forlorn hope.

Don’t get it twisted, this is not about being unfaithful to that particular guy you truly desire but it is about tactfully leaving your options open by not flaunting him on or offline thereby driving away possibly more willing suitors.

Many ladies remain taken for years without wedding bells and I have seen several ladies who have been engaged for years.

The bottom line is that you should stop flaunting any guy you are courting and only flaunt your husband

Ladies should stop blocking their chance cos In the real world…there is no in between and there is no such word like “I’m taken” while you are still unmarried.

You are either single or married

Don’t know if this makes sense.


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