Transfered aggression could be the reason why Oba Akiolu snubbed the Ooni

An insider report:

I saw this video and to be candid, it was absurd, an immature act from a leader, a monarch so to say. Infact it’s a big shame from an old  to a younger monarch.

Oba Akiolu and the late Ooni fought before the the last Ooni passed on. Ooni Sijuwade and Oba Akiolu’s dispute was because after the death of the last Oba of Lagos (Oba Oyekan) there was a jostle from all candidates from the Akinsemoyin family to produce the Omo-Oye (next Oba) which Akiolu had always nursed before the demise of Oba Oyekan.

Meanwhile from the same Akinsemoyin ruling house was also Otunba Kunle Ojora who happens to be Ooni Sijuwade’s bossom friend. So Akiolu depended on Lagos State’s support while Kunle Ojora had confidence in the Federal backing for either of the aspirants to emerge the next Oba of Lagos.

Finally, the Asiwaju Jagaban Borgu and the then Vice-president Atiku played a smart one on Obasanjo in moving Akiolu into Ipebi while Obasanjo was on a Presidential tour abroad, this strayed the relationship among the then President Obasanjo, Ooni and Ojora but it was too late.

Now, Oba Akiolu been a proud and over possessive human being decided to face the battle by sending abusive words to the late Ooni Sijuwade claiming his own lineage and throne is not an Oduduwa lineage at all but from the Oba of Benin. This may be true viewing the perspectvive of two historical dimension of Lagos state’s evolution, that is  the Aworis and the Benin Kingdom.

The new Ooni Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, as you all know decided to end all the enemity caused by late Ooni….he embarked to visit Alaafin of Oyo, Awujale of Ijebu etc., which normally Ooni can chose not to do being the father of the Yoruba race but he swallowed his pride.

He also visited Oba Akiolu in Lagos but he was not allowed to enter the Iga-Iduganran Palace of Lagos.

What a big shame and disgrace to the Ooni?

In spite of all that, this young and matured Ooni still bowed at a Public function and he was snubbed by this same Oba Akiolu.

Is this not a case of transfered aggression?

Oba Akiolu meted this same treatment to Oba Saheed Elegushi just because there is a serious issue between  them


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