Hooking up with my slutty girl friends friend.


Sometimes love for long turns to lust and you just realise how bitchy love can be.

It was aftera long time when my girl friend parted ways becoming my ex and left abroad. Soon the pain was intense and sometimes things just was unbearable.

Soon I tried getting into my regular routine. And one fine evening, I met a girl who has been a very close friend to my ex, and also had been a mutual friend.

Soon we started talking to each other and she was there to console me as a very good friend. She was there for me all the time, she was also engaged and was getting married in a month before she spoke to me.

One fine day we decided to go out on a long ride, thinking she could make me feel better. We went  far by multiplex for a movie.

We discussed on a crappy movie we laughed we touched each other and soon I start to realise I am sexually attracted to her.

I  kissed her cheeks, and she was shocked. And she felt little and luckily the theatre was half empty no one was close to us.

I again pulled and tried kissed her lips but she resisted and she slapped me. I was shocked and she was super pissed at me. I know how it feels, how  a girl who is gonna be someone’s wife and also a very good friend to my ex. I tried to forcefully kiss her.

As the movie ended I couldn’t lift my head to face her. Since I stayed alone and it was late, she asked me to take her to my home instead I took her home she slammed her bag and I knew she was super angry.

I took the courage I came close and apologised and she slapped me back. She just asked how can you do this. I soon held her and apologised.

I am sorry, and to my surprise she smooched my lips.  Slowly we undressed each other and soon I held her beautiful boobs, though they weren’t as big as my ex, it still was handful. Before marriage she just experienced some of the best sex of her life as I kept banging her all night front and back.

Just she felt bad that my girfriend left me, but she was happy to experience this before marriage.

Culled from affair sex stories


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