Tuface Reveals Why He Chose Annie


Hypertek boss Innocent Idibia who is known worldwide as Tuface Idibia has revealed again for the sake of those who do not know, the reason he chose to make Annie Idibia his bride despite having other women as baby mamas.

Just like yesterday, we remember how Tuface shocked all his fans including call his baby mamas by proposing to Annie on a particular Valentine’s day getting a teary reaction from most who saw it.

What shocked greater than his choice of Annie was the fact that the singer had two other baby mamas, one of which had three children for him while the other has two. Tubaba however chose Annie who had just one child at the time leaving the other two to their fates.

Innocent Idibia reveals that his choice basically revolved around the fact that Annie was actually the girl of his dreams, youthful exuberance led him astray severally until he realized he couldn’t let Annie go. “I begged and she forgave me” he told the radio host.

Since their marriage, the couple have displayed real love and affection for each other an indication that Tuface and Annie are actually the love of each other’s lives.


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