Read the lamentation of this fan of Arsenal fc


Good knows I love Wenger like I do my own father ….I’ll be ungrateful if I have any other feelings towards this gentleman.  He was a perfect fit for Arsenal and I sure still remember all the memories and good times he brought to us fans …

This loss aside, painful as it is against Tottenham of all teams, it is the manner of it that hurts ..

I have been supporting Arsenal since 1992 , even though I saw it coming, this is the weakest Arsenal team compared to Tottenham .  They are so superior to us it’s unreal.

Pochettino has completely transformed Tottenham.

I really do think it’s about time Wenger bow out with grace.  He’s taken us as far as he can possibly do.  His brand of football is antiquated, his loyalty to mediocre and average players infuriating.

Not winning the league for over 10 years  is palatable , being inferior to Tottenham is unforgivable.

Arsene, I love you but PSG, China, France or any other team that’ll have you, love you the most .

Personally, if you were my dad , I’ll advice that you retire completely. Find yourself a beautiful French speaking  black girl from Africa or French Guyana and have daily blow jobs to ease the stress and frustration ….we’ve sure paid you enough to do just that.

Yours sincerely.

A tired and frustrated Arsenal fan from Obu’kagbo Ijebu Igbo.

Tottenham ni ile ‘le nibeyen……Arsenal don suffer sha…

The most painful thing is that I knew we’ll lose this match and we did just that ..

Don’t console me o ….


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