Please I need help on Masturbation

Guys please I really need your help and it is killing me.

I started masturbating at the age of 18 I normally use soap sometimes,  I try to stop but it can’t let go. There was a time I stopped for two month I was happy it will be over.

I started seeing my self doing it again. I made up my mind that at age 19 I will stop but i still find my self doing it. I have stop using soap and I do use my hand after 4 minute I will erupt.

I feel sad when i do it and it makes my Leg so weak if i stand up and i want to stretch my leg it will be making praaaaa sound.

same goes with my hand, Looking at it am a skinny guy at the age of 20. I developed another means which is bed masturbation.

I will be banging my Dick on the bed and it takes 10 minute to erupt. Sometimes i do hold my sperm and continue banging the bed.

As i type this I masturbated this night and i erupt i know we have doctor in the house and some nairalander guys do it.

sometimes i feel am the only guy In this world masturbating. I also read somewere masturbation reduce prostrate cancer and also, some were in a site that masturbation increase prostrate cancer to 35% in young men.

How true is this please i need advice please i do feel guilty when i realease

help a brother please

Credit Nairaland


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