Depraved father hangs a 8 yr girl old for tearing divorce papers

Dad posted this picture of the girl after punishing her for tearing divorce papers

Girl, 8, beaten and hung-up with rope by her own dad who was angry after she tore up her parents’ divorce papers

AN eight-year-old girl ripped up her parents’ divorce papers was severely punished by her dad who hung her up outside their home and beat her.

The distressed little girl threw a tantrum as she desperately tried to delay her parents’ separation.

But her father reacted with fury and tied her up with rope around her neck and pulled her trousers down.

He then filmed her as she dangled helplessly from the ceiling.

It’s understood he sent the footage to his future ex-wife.

Cops later arrested the dad in Guangyuan City’s Jiange County, in south-western China Sichuan Province after the girl’s mum showed them the video clip.

The little girl was taken to hospital, but was not seriously injured.

Police say she is receiving psychological counselling following the ordeal.

It’s expected her mum will be given full-custody.

It is not yet known if he has been charged with child abuse.

He claimed to have lost his temper after this daughter damaged furniture and broke a bottle of grain alcohol.

See the video


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