By Toyin Akiode

Chelsea have been the most consistent team in the English Premier League this season. No one can deny them this fact!

By the end of tonight, their consistency could have paid off in a big way if they manage to beat West Brom Albion at the Hawthorns. If that were to be the case, they would have won the Premier League with two games to spare.

Antonio Conte is highly loved at Stamford Bridge. His animated and energetic celebrations are a sight to behold.

Not the type given to managerial ‘composure and dignity’, he is regularly seen congratulating his players individually after each game and bonding with the fans in a charismatic manner

Commentators, analysts and pundits agree that Conte knows his onions. Many allude to his prompt tactical switch after the debilitating defeat to Arsenal at the Emirates as an indication of his dexterity and decisiveness.

Today, Chelsea are top of the league with seven points over closest rivals Tottenham Hotspurs. They haven’t been threatened beyond a surprise lose to Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge and the comprehensive outclass by Manchester United in April.

Each time there was a blip, Chelsea had always managed to dust themselves up and move on.  With Conte and the Blues; there is no time for wound licking or pondering over what might have been.

Blessed with grit, pace, graft, commitment and focus, this Chelsea squad is a picture in evenness!

Today’s match against West Brom is like threading the familiar path over and over again.

Head to head

It took sheer gut and bravery from Diego Costa to slam in the lone in the tie at Stamford Bridge!

That match reflected the dominant features of all Tony Pulis sides. Aggressive, disciplined, robust and tough – few choice words to describe the sides managed by the Welsh in the past.

Conte knows that Chelsea will have to go for it against his hosts. There isn’t going to be any free launch at the Hawthorns.

Click this link to see the detailed story ambitious will relish the challenge before Chelsea tonight. How?

Win one more match and be the Premiership Champions! That is a position many managers and players will give an arm or leg for to be in.

Otherwise, they have no business in this game. This is why Conte will be celebrating tonight as he knows what it takes to win.

Matters rested; there are some tough guys in his ship who are battled hardened and ready to ensure the vessel berth safely. They are backed to see this through.


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