The display of tainted wealth in the face of economic extermination by the majority

Prof. Yusuf Dankofa

30 private jets that landed in Minna for elite solidarity with former President Babangida establishes one fact; the Nigerian economy is  being run and managed for the benefits of some few elites. If you are in doubt, pls google the costs and maintainance of a gulfstreem jet and you would be puzzled and confused as to how a dysfunctional and disjointed economy that is totally unproductive and in fact moriboud can sustain such a grandiose display of opulence in the face of economic extermination of the majority. Most of them are not industrialists, because the nation has no functional industries and they do not have any patent over any invention that may be money spinning. They are consultants. In Nigeria the upper class consults for the nation. If the nation wants to develop a blue print for selling national assets (the only thing the elites do very well is to sell national assets), the elites would act as consultants drawing fabulous payment for advising government to sell such assets. They then invite foreign cronies who will come empty handed to Nigeria, borrow money from nigerian banks and buy such assets and they will call the white man who came empty handed  foreign investor. Nigeria therefore is a fat cow that must be  milked by those in authority. They are united in this purpose.

They are oblivious and thoroughly unmindful of any cleavage and it really doesn’t matter whether they are Muslims or Christians. What matters to them is how they will continue in unison to feast on the nation in order to maintain perennial and perpetual domination of the masses whom are intensely exploited and rabidly subjugated. For a nation that spends about  a billion on annual  presidential feeding, N40B on Senate overhead and another N23B to pay retirements benefits for ex leaders who are the consultants over the entire gross income of nigeria when the poor cannot find a respectable public school to educate his children,this no doubt represents  a violent violation of the social contract.As at present, the poor majority have no purchasing power and inflation together with recession have so battered the poor into stupor that the poor in large droves continue to lose their poor paying jobs due to deindustralisation and the effect of a bankrupt policy that comes out from a predatory and destructive  elites.

The elites are widely travelled and have seen and also experienced development in other climes. And herein lies the tragedy. Rather than re-enact the infrastructure they saw abroad in nigeria, they would rather use our resources to develop foreign countries. Rather than make our hospitals world class, they will prefer those in other climes. Rather than develop a good road network they will spend billions to patch only. And rather than establishing a national carrier, they will prefer private jets all because people are not their focal points. It is only them and them. The only advise they have for the poor is patience and that dubious slogan of change,  ‘change start with the talakawas’ who have been agitating for an increase in their N18k minimum wage, while the elites who draw fantastic salaries and pension for life are yet to key into the change mantra. The only way for the masses is to close ranks and understand that they are not enemies. As a poor or deprived and abandoned middle class, if you still feel your problem is a Muslim or Christian or otherwise or your grouse is against a yoruba or hausa-fulani, or Igbo you still belong to medieval times. Your enemy is your leadership class who takes your birthright and dash it to himself and his harem of lovers!!!!..


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