See a registered church in Tennessee but actually a sex club (pics)

A Nashville, Tennessee, building registered as a church has been used as a sex club for swingers, investigators say after a graphic report from undercover inspectors.

The city of Nashville has filed a complaint against the owners of the Social Club for “maintaining a public nuisance by permitting acts of lewd conduct” and violating a state law banning sex clubs from operating within 1,000 feet of a school.

The longtime downtown swingers club, owned by Freedom 4 All Inc., underwent a conversion in 2015 when it relocated to a run-down office park in the community of Madison, calling itself a church because the new location is near the back of the private Goodpasture Christian School, The Associated Press reports.

Two codes inspectors paid $40 to enter the facility in March and filed affidavits detailing sex acts they witnessed within.


While inside, the pair counted at least 100 people as well as 12 rooms with either a bed or lounge chair inside. The lawsuit says some of the rooms had windows for viewing inside.

The Department of Codes employees said they saw patrons openly engaging in sexual contact and intercourse in the rooms and were even asked to photograph a couple’s activities inside “the Choir Room.”

Metro’s Zoning Administrator Bill Herbert said he was shocked by the investigators’ report.

“Maybe I’m naive. I did not expect it to be as graphic as it was,” Herbert said,

Herbert said it wasn’t until recently that the city was flagged of the club’s increased late night activity and blatant advertising for “Naughty Nights” every second Saturday of the month.

The city is seeking to close the club.

Credit Miami Herald


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