Bishop I fell

In a certain Catholic church in a certain  city, members who committed adultery or fornication will come to the Bishop and say during confession,  “Father I have committed adultery/fornication.”

One day the Bishop became angry and announced, “If you committed adultery or fornication just say you fell. No need for details; I will understand.”

So when people committed adultery or fornication, at the confession they said, “Bishop l fell.” And he will say to the member, “Go; and sin no more.”

Some other time, the Bishop was transferred and the new Bishop  who came to replace him did not understand what “I fell” meant, so he took it literally.

One day, he went to the town Mayor and said to him, “you have to do something about the side walk. Church Members have been falling.” The mayor then realized that the Bishop didn’t know what “I fell” really meant, and he started to laugh at him. Then the Bishop said to him, “If I were you I will not be laughing. Your wife fell three times this week!!!”



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