Am I Foolishly In Love Or Just Over-reacting?

Firstly, I have to admit I created a new account to get this much needed help.
Ok, So I met my girlfriend sometime last year and just recently we celebrated our 1 year anniversary as lovers.
Truth be told, she is an amazing personality; submissive, loving, caring, intelligent and hardworking. Infact, she’s got a large portion of attributes that any man would want in a woman.
When we first met, I noticed really that she has alot of online friends whom she usually chat with as close friends (or maybe lovers sha). I kept cool thinking it ll just pass when things get serious between us. During this period she told me how she got close with one of those online guys that she requests porn clips from him. Fortunately or unfortunately, I know this guy ( he is my friend gan sef), I just allowed the matter lay low and warned her never to ask him or any other guy for such things as it reduces the respect any person has for the lady and she promised not to. This is because I dont want anyone disrespecting and disregarding her whenever she s been introduced to family and friends.
Alas! I caught my babe, requesting porn video from another of her online friends (I don’t know this guy tho..) Once more. She assured me that she just did it coz she hasn’t seen this guy before so its safe to ask him, Unlike the previous guy that they do see.
After this occurrence, I ve caught her flirting with friends on facebook messenger to the extent that they refer to her as ‘my love’ some even call her ‘my wife’. More saddening is that some of them are mutual friends and are guys I really know. She claims they are the ones disturbing her and she has no feelings for anyone of them except me ; Her First love.
Fast Forward to present day, we started having a bigger issue now which is about to bring the relationship to halt. Four days back while we were chatting she asked if I know any guy answering so so name. I check my friends list and answered NO. That question kept pondering my heart so I decided to log into her facebook account. (I Later got to know her password after I helped her change password once). I came to understand that the guy she just asked about and herself had just been friends and as usual, she is showing this guy green light and flirting seriously with him (someone that she’s yet to see o and just met for that matter)..
I decided to break the relationship. But surprisingly she kept reaffirming me that there s nothing between her and the guy that its just facebook friendly chatting.

PLEASE ladies and matured people in the house. Is it really possible that she actually mean what she is saying? do ladies still really behave this way after which they are in a relationship with someone they claim to love Or maybe I am the one overeacting here?


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