See why My Pastor Ordered Me Out Of The Church During Sunday Service

What Happened To Me On Sunday Service In Church

What’s your candid view on this?

Recently I joined a church, I know how to play piano but not really well. The church has a standard pianist that plays literally on every church’s event. When they discovered I knew how to play, they gave me the opportunity to be playing at least 2 times a month. Honestly, I didn’t see myself as a church worker because I’ve never been to their meeting before. I only play when they tell me to otherwise I stay at the congregation. Last Sunday, I wore a shirt with a suit trouser and a sandals to church, then I wasn’t expected to tuck in my shirt with a sandals. When I got to church, the pastor ordered me out of the church to tuck in before coming inside and instructed the ushers to not let me in until I tucked in my shirt. The church was still on and I got so ashamed and embarrassed. Everybody’s eyes were on me during that time.

As confused as I was, I angrily left the church that moment to another nearby church.

Then I started thinking, Do we really have to tuck in our shirts to show how holy we are in church? What do you think had prompted the pastor to order me out? Do Christians have a dressing code? Will I be judged on the final day for letting loose my shirt to church? What’s your view on this?



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