See the man stripped naked for stealing church’s fan to buy gaari & rice (pic)

LAGOS— A young man, who attempted to steal a fan from a branch of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Onifade Town, Ayobo area of Ogun State yesterday, was apprehended.

The suspect, identified as Dele, told the mob that almost lynched him that he stole the fan because he needed money to buy gari, rice and palm oil.
He reportedly walked into the church, unplugged one of the standing fans from a wall socket and took it away.

One of the church workers, who had gone to clean the auditorium prior to an evening meeting, sighted the suspect coming out with the fan. The stranger’s behaviour arouse the church worker’s curiosity.
When he demanded to know where the stranger was taking the item to, the latter took to his heels, consequent upon which an alarm was raised.

Dele and the fan

The suspect, as gathered, attempted to board two commercial motorcycles with a view to escaping from the scene. The third one, rather than pick him, according to eyewitnesses, held him until the mob caught up with him.
In the course of interrogation, he revealed that he came from Kaka area of Ayobo, pleading to be pardoned.

An eyewitness, who gave his name as Badmos Gbamgboye, said: “He threw away the fan when the second motorcyclist he tried to board refused to wait. It was the third motorcyclist that held him.

“When he was asked why he chose the church, he said he felt that members would forgive him if caught. He said that his intention was to sell the stolen fan so he can buy food to eat.
“He said in Pidgin English ‘I wan use the money buy yam, gari, rice and palm oil for house because I dey hungry ’.”
However, he was stripped Unclad and forced to carry the stolen fan on his head.
He would have been lynched but for the intervention of some church’s members.

Credit Vanguard


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