Meet the Kenyan doctor who donated his blood for his patient (pics)

Dr Habil holding the bundle of joy

Kenyan doctors saves his patient from death by donating his own blood, then the patient gives him something money can’t buy

– A photo of a Kenyan doctor holding a frail looking child in his arms has taken over the internet

– The photo is a happy ending that started when a Kenyan doctor started managing a woman who has Eclampsia

– The doctor donated his own blood to help save the life of his patient moments before she went for an emergency Cesarean section

A photo that has gone viral on social media shows Dr Habil Wesonga cradling a frail-looking child in his arms.

The photo was taken just moments after the child was born. The baby’s mother had Eclampsia – a serious condition where high blood pressure results in seizures during pregnancy.

So, the doctor was monitoring both the mother and the baby until the baby was born.

When the woman’s due date came, it was discovered that the woman was anemic and needed blood urgently.

The new born baby

The doctor who has a matching blood type volunteered and donated his blood to his patient.

Come on! It is not everyday that doctors do that.

After donating the blood, the doctor then changed into his hospital scrubs and took the woman for a C section.

After the successful operation, the woman chose to name the baby after the doctor who helped her manage the eclampsia, gave her blood and later operated on her.

To show her appreciation to her kind doctor, the grateful woman named her newborn baby after the doctor, Wesonga Habil.”

Habil had narrated the encounter on his Facebook wall, urging the Kenyan authorities to provide improved healthcare for the people.


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