Sex starved spouse

A man was starved of sex for months because his wife had put to bed through caesarean section.

One day, the wife said, my Love, I know how you must be feeling because of my condition; abeg take this N3000 and look for someone have sex and satisfy yourself.

The husband collected the money and left, but returned after 30 mins. The wife said, Haba! So soon? and he answered, “I no go far, I just enter this our neighbour house; Mama Blessing in particular!” and the wife asked, I hope she no collect money?

The man said she collected and the wife said, Abi she dey craze? Abeg hold this pickin for me, make I go meet the idiot “The time she born pickin, I help her husband for free, why she go collect money from YOU???”.

You can imagine what happened next…………….


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