My girlfriend dumped me, I’m contemplating suicide, I need your advice!

On a very serious note this has got me down since yesterday night and i have no one to ask or share this with among my friends cause none of them will listen to me as far as is about this girl (my ex)

It all started when i was in my level 300 first semester after we started dating, even the air i breath can bear me witness that i loved this girl with my life that i couldn’t spent 2 hours without hearing from her. I got to know her through a secondary school classmate which was her friend and roommate then, I was the type that don’t do relationship stuff since i thought it was all about waste of time and even doubt if there was anything like true love, I told this friend of mine about my love for her friend and she laughed and said that i can’t date her since am the no-nonsense type and that she has hot tempered like me and that she was madly in love with her guy and she doesn’t double date.

With time they had problem with this guy which i used to my advantage and she accepted my proposal of dating.

On this day, Etisalat were doing one bonanza like that and i wanted to participate and didn’t have their sim whereas this my ex was having an etisalat and mtn sim,
I collected her sim so that i participate in the promo only for me to start seeing what i wasn’t suppose to see but sincerely i never suspected her of any misdeed, I was so heartbroken by the messages on her phone especially from a particular number.

I saved d no. and chatted up with the guy not knowing dah he was her so-called ex that know me even though i didn’t know him then coz we lived in the same area….she called me that night and was raining causes on me and threatening to cut off the relationship that i didn’t trust her that’s why i chatted up with him,i pleaded with all my life for days before she accepted my apology after i carried out my research on her i got to understand that they were still dating…

To cut the story short towards my exams she started showing me attitudes before telling me it was over…..I attempted suicide only friends were able to stop me from that callous act

Her mum invited me over that i should try begging her if i still got achance,i stupidly begged this girl because i was totally in love with her,she agreed buh that i will be the side boyfriend and that her guy mustnt know that we dating,i happily acepted buh guess what some months to exams again its over with plenty insults and threats from her that am too jealous that she doesnt wanna loose her bf.i accepted in good faith.

After sometime,she called me on the phone mind you she asked me not to ever call her or chat her up,i picked and was giving her one word answer which make her never to call me again…but seriously am now feeling bad like am childish dont know whether to call her or what do you guys think?

Credit Nairaland


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