Tears and Tributes as Lynched Ghanaian Soldier, Major Mahama, is Buried (pics)


Tears and Tributes as Lynched Ghanaian Soldier, Major Mahama, is Buried
Late Major Mahama. 

The brutal murder of Major Adam Maxwell Mahama stunned the entire Ghana and awakened the country to the oft ignored matter of  jungle justice that has claimed many innocent lives.

Amid the political and social tensions generated by the tragic incidence, Ghanaians from all walks of life gathered at the Forecourt of the State House for his state funeral on Friday.

His mother, Veronica Bamford, rendered a moving tribute to her slain son as she has to live through the “nightmare of his gruesome murder.”

Mother of the late soldier

“I am a woman of faith, so death and dying are not my fears but never in my wildest nightmares did I ever think I would be burying my son. Never!
“The gruesome and horrific way my son was snatched from this earth is beyond any words” she said.

“The birth of my sweetest baby boy gave me the greatest gift of all. It made me a mother for the first time. Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was such a special child”, she revealed.

“On 1st of November,1985, my sweet baby boy, for me the greatest gift of all-he made me a mother for the first time. Maxwell Adam Mahama was such a special child. He had a pure, loving, kind heart reflected in his always smiling face. Since childhood. Adam was very energetic. Throughout school, he always participated and excelled in sports.

This passion continued into adulthood. An avid sportsman. he played lawn tennis for the Army and for leisure. In addition to being a strong swimmer, he also recently explored golf and equestrianism. He was always learning. looking for ways to improve himself and to be a better human being.

As a compassionate animal lover, his respect for life also extended to his pets. His family and friends know of some of his dogs. especially Luna. who brought him so much joy. He would pay tribute to her on the anniversary of her death.

While I was in Ghana in March, he lost a dog and he spent time alone with the dead dog shedding tears, after which he buried it. Then he said ‘Mummy that was my children’s pet.

As soon as they wake up they go and check on it before anything else.” He said he had to get another dog for his children.

Adam loved his family fiercely. He had a great sense of duty to his family and to those around him’ you knew you could always count on Adam to be there whenever you needed him. I am so proud of the son I raised, an honourable man who took care of others, who protected his nation. He displayed true manhood the way he cared for his wife and kids.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians are calling for the death sentence for the five suspects picked up in connection with the gruesome murder May 29.

Credit Olisa Tv


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