Real life story: My Robbery Experience In Rivers State Today

At around 1am today.
I heard a loud bang on my gate.
Which immediately woke me up
I thought it was my neighbors as they usually go out and come in late.
I quickly tried to call them. Not answering.

I sensed danger.
As the banging increased
I looked at my window.
They were three peaple with shot guns.
I saw one of them trying to jump the fence.
Immediately i alerted my friend with me.we started shouting.

Thief thief thief.

My friend shouted “” Inspector they are robbing us now, bring your team, bring team “”

Thief thier thief.

They shot at my window twice.

They tried opening my gate but it held up strong.

I was shaking in my room.

I quickly contacted river state police control room.

Got thier number online,

They took my number and sent to a police team around

The team called me quickly

I answered and told them what was going on.

After the robbers cudnt open my gate. They proceeded to my neighbors which opened.

I cud hear thier screams
Begging for thier life’s.
I called the cops again. They asked me whaf was going on. I said the robbery is ongoing.
They said they are close.

I called and called the line. Police didn’t pick my calls.

After they robbers finished with my neighbors. They left.
About two hours later. I heard a police siren from afar. They came to my compound in four vans.

They spent 20 minutes and left.

The robbers spent more than one hour in our compound.
We were prompt in informing the police. But they purposely refused to show up.

I will leave Nigeria…This country is messed up.

In all i thank God for his mercy and grace.

Is Nigerian Police your friend?



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