Watch this Anti Terror TV Ad: Islam preaches peace not terrorism (video)

It preaches Islam as a religion of peace, love not hate and extremism.

This video has gone viral since it’s inception with millions of views in YouTube. We need more of things like this in this hate filled and divisive world.

Watch the video

Check out the lyrics of the message:


I will tell God everything

That you’ve filled the cemeteries with our children and emptied our school desks.

The you’ve sparked unrest and turned our streets to darkness.

And that you’ve lied
God has full knowledge of the secrets of all hearts.

Music Begins

I bear witness that there is no God but God

You who comes in the name of death, he is the creator of life.

I bear witness that The Prophet is the messenger of God.

The forgiving and forbearing who hurts not those who hurt Him.

God is Greater
than those who hide what doesn’t show.

God is Greater
than those who obey without contemplation.

God is Greater
than those lurking to betray us.

God is Greater!
God is Greater!

The Message

Worship your God with love,
with love, not terror

Be tender in your faith
tender, not harsh

Confront your enemy,
with peace, not war.

Persuade others,
with leniency, not by force.


Let’s bomb violence with mercy,
Let’s bomb delusion with the truth.
Let’s bomb hatred with love.
Let’s bomb extremist for a better life.

We will counter their ticks of hatred with songs of love.
From now until happiness.


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