Teacher and his girlfriend, 22, drown when their car rolls into a Russian lake while they were having SEX (pics)

Police say couple drove to the side of a lake before having sex in the vehicle 
Their movements caused the car to roll forward into the water, officers added 

A Russian couple died after their off-road vehicle rolled into a lake while they had sex, say police.

The 22-year-olds could not escape from their Russian-made Niva as it sank, and they drowned on the vehicle’s back seat.

The school physical education teacher and his girlfriend had earlier driven to the lake in Volograd region, but worried relatives reported them missing when they failed to return.

Yana Kryuchkova
Kryuchkova and boyfriend Evgeny Chernov
Yana and Evgeny were found dead in their car in Russia
Police say they were having sex when vehicle rolled into lake

The couple were named as Evgeny Chernov and Yana Kryuchkova.

‘The car was lifted out of the lake and the bodies of the young people were found on the back seat,’ said

Andrey Fedotov, an official of the Russian Investigative Committee.

Detectives say the couple were ‘making love on the back seat when the car was parked near the lake’, according to local reports.

Credit Daily mail



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