Mohammed Babangida estranged wife,Rahma Indimi shares Emotional message to her “Separated daughter”

Billionaire and Business Mogul, Mohammed Indimi’s Daughter, Rahma Indimi whose 14 year marriage to Mohammed Babangida crashed, thereby leading to a battle for the custody of their four kids.

The judgement afterwards allowed two kids to remain with her and the other two with her Ex-Husband, Mohammed Babangida.

Mohammed, Rahma and kids when the kids were younger

She shared a picture of her daughter seperated from her and wrote:

“I can’t believe it is almost a year that I have not set eyes on you, my baby all grown up and beautiful. It breaks my heart that I’m not there for your birthday and it even breaks my heart that I can’t whisper Happy birthday to you, nor can I hear your sweet voice. You are my love, my soul, my life and my being. I will always be your mother no matter what. You will always be in my heart. My prayer is that one day Allah will reunite us and we will be together. I love you and happy birthday to you my love. May Allah always protect you and may he give you Iman to be a better person. I wish you all the best things life can offer. It hurts that we are not together but I won’t quit fighting for you I may win, I may not win, but one thing I want you to know when you grow up is that I FOUGHT for you, May Allah give us strength. Ameen”

See picture of her other cute kids:


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