Read epic reply of Ice Prince to Hushpuppi

And Ice Prince Zamani is having the last straw! Ice Prince has been quiet since the whole drama started..

Recall, it all started when Hushpuppi threw shades at singers, Phyno and Ice Prince. He wrote on Snapchat; “#IcePrinceZamani #Phyno #PatekPhilippe!!! I won’t say more than that!!! If you don’t want people to patronize pirated copy of your work, don’t patronize pirated copy of other’s work. #Hypocrites”

Phyno was quick to reply him.. Phyno’s Reply was classy and Epic.. something that can a make nigga quit social media forever..

It didn’t stop there, no.. Hushpuppi replied him back, and claimed Phyno once begged him to buy Gucci wears for him, Puppi then further went on to say He’d give Phyno N5m if his house can buy one of his shoe..

Then, Kcee delved in, and wrote an open letter to the Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy..

Now, Ice Prince, who was initially shaded has responded.. His reply is just beyond Epic! Zamani wrote: “Big Dogs Dont Bark ! F@$k is a puppy loud for ? May We all be Successful 🙏🏾”

Ice Prince continues on Twitter:



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