Check out this family pictures of this couple with their 5 children

American couple Brendan and Jaalisa Banks have a wonderful family of five adorable kids

They posted a photo of them all in customized t-shirts that has been making the internet fall in love.

Jaalisa posted the photos on her Instagram page on Saturday, June 24. The photos show she, Brendan and their five kids in matching t-shirts that represent the order in which the kids came in.

Brendan is called ‘executive producer’, Jaalisa is ‘producer’ and from the first born to the last born are called: ‘the original, the remix, the mix-tape, the encore and mic drop.’

Brendan and Jaalisa banks with their 5 children. Source: @bundleofbanks (Instagram).
Isn’t their last born so cute? Source: @bundleofbanks (Instagram).

Aside from being a cute photo, it shows how close knit and united they are as a family. On Mothers Day this year, Jaalisa had said: “I wake up everyday serving God by raising these babies. I treat them just like the children of God that they are. I pray for them. I hold them. I sing to them. I tickle them. And yes, I discipline them.'”

Source: @bundleofbanks (Instagram).

What an incredible family.


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